I'm Núria Llort,
visual designer.

Welcome to my studio.

I’m Nuria Llort, graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience creating and improving brands & their visual communication.

I help small and medium-sized companies to improve their branding and brand communication, both offline and online, with direct and close treatment.

I create visual solutions that last over time that integrate conceptualization, creativity and a coherent brand strategy. All projects are of the highest graphic quality.

Design is not a purely aesthetic expendable element. Investing in design significantly improves the company’s image, financial results and productivity. Don’t be left behind. Successful companies have it clear.

If your company needs a professional and trustworthy design studio to be in charge of the graphic communication of your brand, don’t hesitate to contact me to study your needs.

Your success is my success.

Experience & education.

I graduated in visual communication in Barcelona at the Llotja School of Design & Art (BA in Visual Communication). I complemented my university education with multimedia, web and digital marketing training. I have been a professional in visual communication since 2005.

My adventure in the world of graphic design began after a radical change in profession where I turned fully to a creative and colored world. Previously I worked in the backend of a “Telcos” company.

After working in several design studios in Barcelona finally I decided to make the jump to set up my own studio in the city of Tarragona and enter the “wonderful” world of the self-employed.

My clients have been mainly companies in the food, wine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. I have also collaborated with various design studios.

Some of the companies for which I have created projects have been Santiveri, Ordesa, Unilever, Clos Montblanc, Columbus McKinnon, Derby, Sayez, Hospital Joan XXIII in Tarragona, Hospital de Tortosa and the Calafell City Council, among others.

I am happy doing the work that I like, and that always is reflected in the results.



Bachelor Degree in Design. University training in multimedia, web design and digital marketing. Continuing education in workshops and online courses on digital design and marketing. I am an exploratory, curious and nonconformist. I like to learn new things constantly to evolve, keep up to date and bring value and freshness to each project.


My experience of more than 15 years in the world of visual communication, allows me to provide each project with a strategic global vision valuing in each case the most appropriate design.


I enjoy experimenting creatively to create innovative and disruptive projects. Each project honestly conveys the values of the brand in a professional way.


From begining to finish, there is a direct and close deal. You will deal directly with me, without intermediaries. Together we evaluate, study and execute each phase from creative process to the delivery of the final art. The best results are created when there is good collaboration, good “feedback” and mutual trust.


It is now fashionable to talk about strategic design or "design thinking", but I start from the premise that all design must be "per se" strategic. With a good briefing, a target and communication problems we have the challenge of reaching a global experience no more aesthetic than functional, with innovative solutions.


I guarantee absolute confidentiality with each project until it comes to light and is made public. In each project we sign a brief contract.

I have created projects for ...

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